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Tech talk with a Partner:

presenting the Solutions & Services recommended app stack for schools


If you would like to sign up for the Solutions & Services recommended app stack or any of its components by end of September and get a 50% discount for the first 3 months, visit our landing page:

Learn about a Xero-based app stack for efficient financial management and budget control in schools and colleges. Featured tools including Xero and Hubdoc (data automation, coding and document management in Xero), ApprovalMax (approval automation) and Monty (budgeting and reporting).

The webinar highlights best practices of the tools and discusses process setup to address efficiencies in source document entry and approvals, financial controls and delegations, spend management, and budget preparation and reporting challenges.  These tools provide solutions for administrators managing in-house finances, and for financial service providers assisting New Zealand schools and colleges.

Along with ApprovalMax and Xero, the panel discussion is co-hosted by Solutions and Services New Zealand Director, Sandy Dunn.

Among other topics we’ll cover:

  • Budget control challenges and specifics for different types of schools and colleges
  • App functional capabilities essential for effective school finance management
  • A product demo utilising ApprovalMax, Xero, Hubdoc and Monty to illustrate end-to-end bill processing from invoice capture to bill authorisation, budget setup and reporting

About Sandy Dunn, Solutions and Services

Sandy Dunn, Director of Solutions and Services

Sandy Dunn is a Director of Solutions and Services. This NZ South Island based company is the financial service provider for over 300 schools and has had extensive experience in school finances, and other administration training and support, over 27 years.

In 2016 Solutions and Services developed the certified Xero application ‘Monty’ for NZ schools budgeting and reporting after introducing Xero to their schools in 2014.   Monty is now used by over 400 schools around New Zealand.  The company’s focus is based on best practice and support for schools, with the “app stack” of Xero + Monty + Hubdoc + ApprovalMax recommended absolutely – and without hesitation as the solution for schools.

See for more background information.  Sandy is a primary trained teacher and was the Executive Officer at Cashmere High School until 1993 when she left to start a new career and then Solutions and Services.  Ann Morrison is Sandy’s Co-Director and a chartered accountant with more than 32 years experience, mostly in school finances.

About Melanie Morris, Xero

Melanie Morris

Melanie Morris, NZ Head of Bookkeeping, Xero

Melanie joined Xero as NZ Head of Bookkeeping in 2016 after a varied and successful work journey, that also led her to found Bookkeeping and Beyond (Xero NZ Gold Partner) and Training and Beyond both multi-awarding winning businesses. 

Both companies are pioneers in the cloud technology community and act as training partners and conversion specialists for selected Xero add-on partners.

After 4 years growing Bookkeeping and Beyond, reinventing the wheel and working in silo, Melanie identified the need for a professional body that provided education, standards and support to other Bookkeepers.

Melanie founded the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association (NZBAI) in 2010.

Melanie enjoys sharing her knowledge of bookkeeping with small businesses. As a small business owner herself, Melanie understands common pain points and works to create efficiencies and better workflows using software solutions, giving businesses back time and positively impacting their cash flow.

About ApprovalMax

ApprovalMax extends online accounting platforms such as Xero with approval-driven financial controls for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. It replaces paper- and email-based approvals with fully automated multi-role and multi-tiered approval workflows, and ensures spend control and regulatory compliance for both internal accounting and financial service outsourcing organisations.