Mastering Financial Controls

Empowering Accounting and Finance Teams To Approve
and Spend Money With Confidence


As your business and client base grows, keeping track of your finances can become increasingly complex. Having financial controls in place is essential for maintaining compliance, preventing fraud, establishing rules for future spend, and effectively managing your cash flow.

ApprovalMax and Weel (Previously DiviPay) are two financial control platforms that can help you streamline your process for allocating funds and approving payments, while giving CFO’s and business owners financial confidence

Trent McLaren

Founder, Journey

Brendan Lucas CA

Head of Accounting, ApprovalMax

Marianne Wichman-Weel
Marianne Wichman

Senior Partner Manager, Weel

In this webinar, we will explore how you can leverage these tools to make your financial processes more efficient and effective.

We will cover topics such as:


Common challenges that Australian SME’s run into when they have loose financial controls

Problems with finance processes that catch business owners out, and how to overcome them

Best practices for implementing financial controls, preventing fraud, and improving cash flow

How ApprovalMax and Weel can help businesses approveand spend money with confidence


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