How ApprovalMax tightens financial controls for NetSuite users


Earlier this year, we launched our new ApprovalMax for NetSuite solution. Since then we’ve been helping organisations using Oracle NetSuite to manage approval workflows and tighten their financial controls, all while improving their data security. 

To showcase the value our customers are getting out of ApprovalMax’s integration with NetSuite, we’re hosting a webinar with product experts to explain why this new solution is a game changer for finance leaders and professionals using the popular ERP software platform. 

On the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

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Easily set-up and edit approvals for NetSuite invoices, PO’s, and bills.
Help decision makers make quick and easy approvals without needing to give them access to NetSuite.
Tighten financial controls and improve security with enhanced financial processes using ApprovalMax.

We'll also host a live demo and Q&A, at the end of the session, with our product experts!


Alina Zelenskaya

Head of Customer Successand Partners
at ApprovalMax
Alex Keselman

Alex Keselman

Product Expert & Solutions Engineer
at ApprovalMax

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About ApprovalMax:

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