A deep dive on using ApprovalMax to add immediate value to your clients

Do you want to streamline your payables process and add financial controls to safeguard your business? Then don't miss our 2023 ApprovalMax Masterclass hosted by Trent McLaren, from Journey! 


Trent McLaren will be talking to Brendan Lucas, Head of Accounting at ApprovalMax, and founder of Next Dimension Accounting to learn how he uses ApprovalMax himself to bring immediate value to his top clients.

Trent McLaren

Founder, Journey

Brendan Lucas CA

Head of Accounting APAC, ApprovalMax

You'll learn how to: 

Create custom approval workflows for organisations of all sizes

Set up multi-level approval workflows in minutes

Approve, reject, or comment on bills and invoices

Share the automated audit trails and audit reports

How to get started with your first client



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