5 clever ways to get financial information without having to chase it up each month


Drowning in uncategorised transactions each month? Still waiting for that big stack of bills and invoices to be approved? If a large part of your job is spent chasing and waiting for information or approvals, then use this opportunity to reclaim your time and job satisfaction. 

Learn how to get back hours of time each week by building a better process that doesn’t rely on constantly chasing people, so you can free your mind and work on more tasks that are more urgent and meaningful!

Join this webinar with product experts
from ApprovalMax and Uncat.

This webinar is for accountants and bookkeepers who handle accounts payable
for their clients and are looking for ways to optimize this process.

Alex Keselman

Product Expert & Solutions Engineer

Brandon Bruce


You’ll learn how to significantly reduce the amount of manual communication requests to your clients and decision makers, by:


Tightening internal financial controls
across your business

Using automation to “automagically”
categorize transactions

Speed up your accounts payable cycle and improve your average approval time for all bills and invoices

Delegate manual, repetitive tasks to automation so you can speed up month-end

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About Uncat:

Uncat syncs with QuickBooks and Xero and helps thousands of accountants and bookkeepers clean up uncategorized transactions with their clients for month-end close.

About ApprovalMax:

ApprovalMax is an award-winning SaaS company that helps businesses and accounting firms automate approval processes for accounts payable and receivable. They operate across global markets and employ staff in over 30 countries.

ApprovalMax is a multiple award winner